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DocumentBYLAW 1-1 Procedural Bylaw.pdf171 KB
DocumentBYLAW 3-1 Appeal Procedures-Student and/or Parent.pdf266 KB
DocumentBYLAW 4-1 Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act.pdf102 KB
DocumentBYLAW 5-1 Public Participation at Board Meetings.pdf186 KB
DocumentBYLAW 6-1 Trustee Elections.pdf299 KB
DocumentAuditing Services 2.10.pdf308 KB
DocumentBoard Authority Authorized Courses 3.10.pdf191 KB
DocumentBoard Committees 1.30.pdf202 KB
DocumentCaregiver Engagement 4.120.pdf170 KB
DocumentCommunication 1.90.pdf171 KB
DocumentCommunity Consultation 2.100.pdf46 KB
DocumentCommunity Use of Facilities, Sites & Equipment 9.40.pdf108 KB
DocumentCurricular & Extra-Curricular Field Trips 6.30.pdf111 KB
DocumentDelegation to District Management 1.110.pdf172 KB
DocumentDisposal of Property 2.20.pdf296 KB
DocumentDisposal of Real Property 2.21.pdf114 KB
DocumentEmployment Equity Human Rights Exemption 8.90.pdf99 KB
DocumentFinancial Planning 2.40.pdf141 KB
DocumentGoverning Principles 1.80.pdf188 KB
DocumentHiring Administrative Personnel 8.20.pdf109 KB
DocumentHiring Superintendent of Education 8.10.pdf391 KB
DocumentInvestments 2.120.pdf184 KB
DocumentMeeting Expenses 2.130.pdf168 KB
DocumentParent Advisory Councils 4.50.pdf454 KB
DocumentPolicy Development 1.60.pdf190 KB
DocumentPrevention Of Violence In The Workplace 7.70.pdf187 KB
DocumentProcedure for Registering Concerns 4.20.pdf184 KB
DocumentRecognition of Traditional Territory 1.70.pdf171 KB
DocumentReimbursement of Expenses 2.60.pdf281 KB
DocumentResearch (Other than Ministry sanctioned) 1.50.pdf187 KB
DocumentRespectful Workplace 8.60.pdf185 KB
DocumentRoles & Responsibilities of the Board 1.20.pdf267 KB
DocumentSexual Orientation Gender Identity 8.70.pdf177 KB
DocumentSchool Closure 9.10.pdf39 KB
DocumentSmoking 7.40.pdf99 KB
DocumentStudent Bullying 5.120.pdf175 KB
DocumentSuperintendent of Schools and Secretary Treasurer Roles and Responsibilities 1.120.pdf198 KB
DocumentTrustee Code of Conduct 1.100.pdf188 KB
DocumentTrustee Code of Ethics 1.10.pdf188 KB
DocumentTrustee Remuneration 1.40.pdf217 KB
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